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The Allure of Hamptons Style: Crafting an Organic Coastal Living Space on Australia’s Gold Coast

The Hamptons interior design style, recognised for its relaxed elegance and coastal charm is a perfect choice for those seeking to design a coastal house along Australia’s Gold Coast. This aesthetic, inspired by the upscale seaside communities along the eastern coast of New York, blends traditional American East Coast aesthetics with an earthy, organic touch.

The essence of Hamptons style lies in its clean lines, soft neutral colour palette, and the incorporation of natural, raw materials. It creates a tranquil home environment that invites the outside in, allowing for a seamless blend between the rugged beauty of the coastal landscape and the serene ambience of the interior.

Bringing this look to a home on Australia’s Gold Coast begins with the colour scheme. Hamptons style typically revolves around a palette of whites, beiges, and greys, punctuated occasionally with ocean-inspired blues or sandy browns. These colours form the backdrop of the interior, from walls to upholstery, crafting a calming and inviting environment.

Natural materials are the cornerstone of the Hamptons design ethos. Wide-planked wood floors in lighter hues offer rustic charm that aligns with the coastal setting. Furniture pieces in raw wood, rattan, or linen not only enhance the natural ambience of the space but add texture and depth to the design.

One of the key elements of the Hamptons style is its emphasis on natural light. Make use of the Gold Coast’s sunny weather and beautiful natural lighting by incorporating large windows and even skylights. This allows natural light to flood the living spaces and offers stunning views of the surrounding coastal landscape.

An interior decorator in the Hamptons style is all about creating an understated elegance. Choose carefully selected statement pieces that reflect the coastal environment, such as nautical-themed decorations, seashells, or artworks depicting ocean or beach scenes. The goal is to subtly enhance the coastal charm without overwhelming the space.

The Hamptons style balances its organic elements with modern comfort and luxury. High-end appliances in the kitchen, a luxurious soaking tub in the bathroom, and plush, comfortable bedding in the bedrooms help maintain this balance. The key is to ensure that the home is not just beautiful but also truly liveable.

Let’s delve deeper into how the Hamptons style can be incorporated into the individual living areas of a coastal home.

Living Room:

A Hamptons-style living room should feature large, comfortable sofas upholstered in natural fabrics in neutral tones. Accent these with throw pillows in soft blues or sandy browns. Use a raw wood coffee table to anchor the space and pair it with a textured rug in a natural weave. Statement pieces could include a driftwood art piece or an oversized mirror with a distressed wooden frame to amplify the natural light.


The kitchen should have classic white cabinetry with Shaker-style doors. A large farmhouse sink and light-coloured stone countertops are ideal. Open wooden shelving and a large, rustic dining table paired with white, slip-covered dining chairs create a welcoming space for meals. A statement pendant light made from natural materials, like rattan, completes the look.


Bedrooms should be serene sanctuaries. Opt for a bed made from natural wood, dressed in high-quality white linens. A plush, upholstered armchair in a corner provides a cozy reading nook. Layer in texture and warmth with a chunky knitted throw or a jute rug. Artwork should continue the coastal theme, perhaps a framed print of a serene beach scene.


In the bathroom, choose a large, freestanding bathtub and a separate shower with a frameless glass enclosure. Subway tiles in white or soft grey are a classic choice, paired with marble or quartz countertops. Chrome fixtures add a touch of shine and elegance. Accessories should be minimal and functional – a simple glass jar for cotton balls, plush white towels, and perhaps a small potted plant for a touch of green.

Outdoor Spaces:

The outdoor living spaces should be an extension of the interior. Comfortable outdoor furniture in natural materials like teak or rattan invite relaxation. Sun-bleached decking and a large dining table create the perfect space for alfresco dining. Accessorise with hurricane lanterns for soft lighting and large, leafy potted plants for a touch of the tropics.

The Hamptons interior design style is the perfect fit for a coastal house on Australia’s Gold Coast.

With its emphasis on natural materials, light, and a soft, neutral colour palette, it perfectly captures the relaxed, easy-going spirit of coastal living. By blending these elements with a touch of luxury, you can create a living space that is not just a home, but a sanctuary – a place where you can unwind, relax, and truly appreciate the beauty of the coastal landscape that surrounds you.

By carefully selecting furnishings and accessories that align with the Hamptons interior design style, you can create a cohesive and inviting home that truly embraces its coastal setting. Remember, the key to the Hamptons style is in its balance of natural elements, light, and subtle luxury – creating a home that is not just beautiful, but truly liveable.

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