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Elizabeth May Design

Interior Decorator

We’ve all been there, in a furniture or flooring showroom, overwhelmed with the large range of potential finishes and options. Then you have to try and remember back to the interior space, know your dimensions, and attempt to bring it all together in your head. If you don’t have the experience or are unaware of all the particular options, and how they might ultimately work together, decorating an apartment, a room, or an entire home can become a very difficult and expensive exercise that makes you wish you never started in the first place.

As a qualified interior designer we bring peace of mind to your interior decoration projects, knowing what works well together, and with a particular knack for hunting down the right interior pieces maintaining relationships with a large range of suppliers able to do all the hard work to liaise with them on your behalf, sorting through item options, stock availability, and to help coordinate delivery schedules. Work with us and enjoy the experience of decorating your interior spaces, and at the same time, get the end result that you’ve always imagined.

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Elizabeth May Design


We know where to look

With the endless range of furnishing & finishes options out there, we know what works well together and where to look for the perfect fit piece for your interior space saving you time and money sourcing the particular pieces for your project.

We deal with suppliers

We take the hassle out of sourcing and selecting interior decoration pieces for your project by dealing directly with suppliers on item options, availabilities and in coordinating delivery schedules which can go back and forth for weeks.

Decorate & Design

A great interior decorator is also a great interior designer. With 20 years experience we offer peace of mind with your decoration project and can help you decorate your apartment, home or commercial space, so that it also works as a design creating a beautiful mood and feeling aligned with what you want.

We reduce project costs

We save you time and money by bringing the project together in good time, in dealing with suppliers, and in some instances being able to secure trade discounts that all add up to help reduce the overall project costs, especially on medium to larger scale projects with larger procurement lists.

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Elizabeth May Design

How we work together

When we work with clients on a complete interior decoration project the process outlined below shows the typical phase stages. We also work with clients on on a case by case basis and on individual phase elements. For example, you might just want help selecting particular items, or help choosing a particular flooring finish. Whatever your interior decoration requirement , just reach out to have a chat and we can see how we might add value to your project.

Decoration Consultation

We begin each project with an initial decoration consultation in order to learn everything we need to best understand the scope of works and the project requirements.

Interior Decoration Concept

Once we understand the project scope we create a great conceptual decoration design to guide the project and ensure that we execute smoothly on the plan.

Sourcing & Selection

Following the conceptual decoration design we go about sourcing & selecting the interior items, choosing finishes, and hunting down individual pieces liaising with suppliers on options and availability.


Working with the suppliers & you we help coordinate the interior items delivery schedule and can be involved in the positioning & placement overseeing the final install.

Elizabeth May

Lead Designer

elizabeth may interior designer
My style is earthy and organic. I love to combine texture with clean lines for an effortless sense of elegance


In my early teenage years I was constantly rearranging rooms wherever I went. I didn’t know then that these were the early signs of my passion today.

I gained an advanced diploma in Interior Design from the TAFE Design Centre Enmore going on to invest 13 years working with Sydney-based design firms before starting my own practice in 2013.

I have developed a unique relaxed organic and earthy design style, where I love to combine texture with clean lines to create spaces that have warmth and character.

Working up and down the East Coast of Australia I have worked on a variety of hospitality, retail and residential projects over the years.


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