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Create a beautiful interior design effortlessly. Elizabeth May Design. Gold coast, Brisbane. Residential and Commercial.
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Bespoke Joinery

The right detailed structural element for your particular space can make all the difference in having that space be beautiful, unique and functional. We can work with timber and other materials to help you create stunning custom cabinets, cupboards, doors, surfaces, fixtures and windows where ‘off the shelf’ pieces just won’t do. We can work alongside your highly skilled trades teams or help you source joiners to do the work.


In order to understand the project scope and the potential range of joinery options, the first step is to meet with you and see the space, getting a feel for the existing design, the location, purpose and use case of the area so that we can help you assess the available options. We will be able to take measurements and discuss the available options with you including a budget, colours and layouts guiding you every step of the way. 


Once we have the measurements and have finalised the joinery options we go about designing the joinery and space planning out the project. We will continue to liaise with you throughout the design process and will ultimately meet with you to present the concept designs typically using 3D renders. The project can then have estimate quotes sourced and will be able to proceed to installation. The planning and design phase is crucial to a smooth installation and all the hard work in design is done here. 


Once the design and project have been approved we work with your existing trades or are able to source trades for you, to install the joinery. We will be able to coordinate the project, work with tradespeople, and liaise with you to work out any challenges along the way and to get the job done. The hard work of this phase of the bespoke joinery install comes back to proper planning and design in the earlier work phases. We’ve worked on a large range of residential and commercial projects and bring decades of experience to the table. This alongside project management expertise and access to wholesale materials accounts help you stick to budgets and achieve an exceptional joinery outcome. 

Tell us about your project
Elizabeth May
My style is earthy and organic. I love to combine texture with clean lines for an effortless sense of elegance

At a very young age, I fell in love with fabric and texture whilst exploring my nana’s sewing room which was my Aladdin’s cave…

Then in my early teenage years I was constantly rearranging rooms wherever I went, I didn’t know then that these were signs of my passion today


I gained an advanced diploma in Interior Design from the Tafe Design Centre Enmore and then invested 13 years working with Sydney-based design firms before starting my own practice in 2013


I have developed a unique style working on a variety of hospitality, retail and residential projects over the years


I’ve developed a relaxed  organic style where  I love to combine texture with clean lines to create spaces that have warmth and character.

Please reach out and say hi, we’d love to hear more about your project